We are pleased to announce our pilot token launch on VisionOffering. For those looking for the next gem in crypto, here is your chance to be part of the private and public round of MeMusic's token sale. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to be part of the AudioFi revolution!

Introducing MeMusic

Backed by Filecoin and Outlier Ventures, MeMusic is aiming to reshape the value flow in the audio industry. To successfully complete its mission, MeMusic is building AudioFi on Ordinals & Solana. MeMusic will be the first ever platform to provide Listen-To-Earn and Stream-To-Earn on the Bitcoin & Solana ecosystem.

Problems in the Industry

The music industry has always been lopsided despite its multi-billion dollar annual growth. Unlike other industries such as sports, artists and musicians (the core of the industry) only capture about 10-12% of the revenue. Considering how this revenue is usually captured by major artists who are less vulnerable to unbalanced deals, indie artists or individual content creators will struggle to earn. Furthermore, with a generational devaluation of music streaming, there are limited revenue generating opportunities.

Within the web3 space, there have been attempts to mitigate the industrial problems through NFTs. More often companies suggested tokenizing tracks, but also increased the entry of barriers and distractions for the creators who need to focus on creative processes. Blockchain implementation was lacking utilities in providing actual monetization for the artists.


MeMusic has a unique approach of solving the issues of the music/audio industry by providing an ecosystem of services that utilizes traditional, functional services with an innovative, tokenized reward layer for better incentives and revenue.

Waves: Building Digital Presence

Waves is a set of digital services that is designed to help artists, labels, and distributors to build their digital presence not only in the web3 space, but also in the web2 space. Starting with tools to mint NFTs and tools to fractionalize royalties, Waves unlock immense potential for the creators.

Stations: Tokenizing Streaming & Listening

How it Compares to Other Competitors




Sale Details

Private Sale (price per token $0.016, total available allocation $100,000): 7% at TGE, 4 months of cliff, then linear release for 12 months.

Public Sale (price per token $0.02, total available allocation $100,000): 15% at TGE, then linear release for 6 months.

Additional allocation is available just for VPoints as well, on both Private and Public Round.

USDT on the BSC Network necessary to purchase, BNB required for minimal gas fees.

Check out the FAQs for informations about vesting, VPoints, and more.

How can I participate in the sale?

To participate in the sale you need to have a Tier (from Bronze to Platinum). To gain a Tier, you either stake $VISION, or hold a VisionNode (Platinum Tier).

When is MeMusic's token going to be listed?

MMT is set to list in the month of February, the tentative date is the 16th of February 2024, on popular CEX soon TBA.

On which chain network does the sale take place?

You will need USDT on the BSC network, as well as some BNB for the gas fees of the transaction.

What happens in case of oversubscription to the sale?

If the amounts pledged exceed the available allocation, priority is given depending on the Tier Level (Platinum highest priority, moving downward). In case the oversubscription is shared among the highest tier, an average based on time of purchase will be set so that the most people can participate.

When are refunds/confirmations due to oversubscription going to be confirmed?

Within 24h from when the sale closes, all allocations will be locked in and eventual refunds for oversubscription provided. You'll be able to see directly in your Profile → Pledges list the amount you were able to purchase.

When does the sale open?

The sale starts at 10:00 UTC on the 3rd of February 2024, and it will last 24 hours. After 24 hours, in case of any allocation left, another round FCFS of 24 hours will be held right after.

If I pledge for the public sale, but I don't get in due to oversubscription, can my pledge be rolled over to the private sale?

Yes, oversubscription on either one of the sales will be automatically rolled over to the still available one, within 24 hours from when the sale closes. You'll always be able to refuse and request a refund within 48h after the sale ended, but only for the amount that was moved automatically to the other pledge.

Is there a refund policy in place at VisionOffering?

Yes, and it is quite simple. You can refund within 24 hours from TGE/Listing, but only if you haven't claimed any tokens yet. This means that once the tokens are available, if you don't move/claim them, you'll be able to refund within 24 hours. The refundable amount depends on your tier: Platinum Tier gets 100% of it back, Gold 75%, Silver 50%, and Bronze 30%.

The refund policy doesn’t apply to VPoints purchases.

What are the vesting terms of each round?

Private Sale (price per token $0.016): 7% at TGE, 4 months of cliff, then linear release for 12 months.

Public Sale (price per token $0.02): 15% at TGE, then linear release for 6 months.

Can I use VPoints to participate in the IDO?

Yes, there's a dedicated allocation in both the public and the private sale just for VPoints. All the same rules described in this FAQs apply (vesting, oversubscription etc.).

What are VPoints?

VPoints are a digital currency distributed every day to VisionNode holders, which can be exchanged for tokens, NFTs, and rewards. In this case, it can be exchanged for MMT, this sale token. Learn more about VisionNode.

Public Round

Participate in the Public Round of the MMT token.

0.02 USDT per IDO Token
Sold IDO Tokens: 5,877,567 / 5,000,000 (117.55%)
Private Round

Participate in the Private Round of the MMT token.

0.016 USDT per IDO Token
Sold IDO Tokens: 3,016,370 / 6,250,000 (48.26%)
Public Round - VPoints

Participate in the Public Round of the MMT token using VPoints.

1 VPoints per IDO Token
Sold IDO Tokens: 500,000 / 500,000 (100%)
Private Round - VPoints

Participate in the Private Round of the MMT token using VPoints.

1 VPoints per IDO Token
Sold IDO Tokens: 2,180,716 / 1,250,000 (174.46%)