CryptoShowdown is coming! Prepare to battle your fellow traders in this trading card game that honors the Web3 and GameFi industry. Get a head start for a special price with our pre-sale!

Sale started on: 12/22/2023, 12:00:00 AM

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CryptoShowdown: The Card Game for Traders

CryptoShowdown represents the attempt of VisionGame to honor the GameFi and Web3 Industry by making a Web3 Game, for Web3 people.

Full of inside jokes that only a true crypto enthusiast can get, the gameplay revolves around an exciting trading battle!

Once the decks are ready, it’s all about opening TRADEs and delivering NEWS to ensure the chosen GEM keeps pumping for amazing profits!
The first one to reach $10,000 wins!

Learn more about the rules of CryptoShowdown by reading our in-depth article.


Made by VisionGame

Here at VisionGame we strive to deliver experiences that can attract the widest audiences possible for any identified market.

In this case, we’ve decided to focus on the audience that started it all, with a game they can relate to, beginning with the UI/UX.

Cards are quirky and it won’t take long for players to understand all the references, but during gameplay as well, CryptoShowdown feels like home!

A big jumbotron shows the latest news (based on the cards that the players use), while a chart in the background updates live to showcase the hardest hits of both players.

Pumping GEMs to the moon or using FUD against your opponent are only a few of the things that will make any Web3 player feel as if they are in their favourite community!

NFT Cards Scarcity Explained

One small Booster Pack, one HUGE chance!

It wouldn’t be much of a GameFi project if it didn’t provide players with the opportunity to obtain valuable and unique NFTs! CryptoShowdown lowers the entry barriers while keeping all the potential that players have been used to with GameFi.

Any Booster Pack can potentially include an extremely rare and scarce card. Starting with Gold Cards (limited to 100) and Platinum (limited to 10), all the way to Unique Cards, of each only one copy per card can exist.

Of course, despite the normal cards not having a limit in terms of copies that can be minted, they’re still not that easy to find. If Rare Cards have a pretty good chance to appear (1 out of 3 packs), Super Rare Cards begin to be harder to come by (1 out of 25 packs), while Ultra Rare Cards (1 out of 200 packs) are definitely going to light up your day!

And for any card you don’t need, accumulate some of them, sprinkle some $VISION on them, and here’s a new Booster Pack for you!

Tiers Immediate Bonus

Staking $VISION pays off!

As we recently opened $VISION staking, and we’re beginning our round of INOs, IDOs and more on VisionOffering, here’s the first perk that the Additional Rewards Tier users are going to get!

All Tiers will automatically receive free Booster Packs directly on their VisionOffering account, the moment the sale officially opens. If you obtain your Tier after the sale has opened, it’s already too late, so make sure to start staking today!

For more information, visit the $VISION Staking page.

That’s not all! Several items for sale will appear at a discounted price for certain Tiers. It sure pays off to be a VIP: Very Important Player!

Available Pledges

Pledges for All!

The above infographic gives a good overview of what everybody will be able to get using just $VISION! Not only that, but also all the $VISION collected will be burned, making it one of the biggest burn events we’ve had so far!

Additional rewards are available with USDT! Here’s a list of what the good old stablecoin can get you:

— 3 for 2 Deck Pack (30 USDT): to be able to play CryptoShowdown, you will need at least one deck! Excluding one very special deck only available during this sale, the game will launch with 3 basic decks that will allow anyone to start playing. Normally, these decks will cost 15 USDT each, for a total of 45 USDT. During the presale only though, all 3 Decks are available in bundle for 30 USDT, it’s a whole free Deck!

— CryptoShowdown Physical Version (100 USDT): that’s right! We’re printing the game. Literally, with proper printers, on nice cardboard. Are we nuts?! The truth is CryptoShowdown plays just fine as a normal card game, so why not? As an added bonus, a 4th Deck containing very special cards will be available only in bundle with the Physical Version of CryptoShowdown, so this is your only chance to get your hands on this extremely special perk!

Pledges Roadmap

The Long Road Ahead

We’re set to deliver all the pledges in this campaign by February 2024, with the shipping of the physical version of CryptoShowdown.

All throughout though, the full game will release in January 2024 and Season 01 will start! In Season 01, players will be able to battle for the top rankings in the leaderboard. Our #Skill2Earn system promises enormous rewards and fame for the very best! Our system promises real eSports opportunities, as the game economics shares the majority of the revenue with its players, based on their ranking.

While we initially aimed for a December 2023 release (and we still do!) we realize how tight things are, especially with the holidays approaching. So, while we will do our best to release the game as soon as possible, we have no intention of compromising our vision by releasing a product with potential issues (especially in the multiplayer department!). But, development is already extremely close to the finish line.

This is why we’re setting the date for early January 2024, so that we can ensure a good round of QA and one last pass of polish, to deliver the best experience possible to all players!

A demo will be released soon, allowing everybody to learn the rules of the game in an interactive way.

All Booster Pack rewards will be delivered to your VisionOffering accounts this December 2023, and you’ll be able to open the packs directly in-game, no later than January 2024!

Stay tuned and join our community for the latest updates about VisionGame and CryptoShowdown:

How many cards are in the first set of CryptoShowdown?

The first set includes 150 cards, split between TRADEs, NEWS and GEMs.

How can I play CryptoShowdown?

The v1.0 version of the game is going to be available during January 2024. Once available, players will be able to battle and participate in tournaments for amazing rewards.

Can I mint single Cards as NFTs?

Cards can’t be directly minted, but they can be found only in Booster Packs. Each Booster Pack contains 5 random cards.

Are unlimited NFTs for Cards available?

No, not for all cards. Gold, Platinum and Unique Tier cards have scarcity, of 100, 10 and 1 respectively.

What if there are cards I don’t like or need?

You’ll be free to trade them with other players, or burn them with some $VISION to generate a new Booster Pack.

How can I purchase any of the pledges I see on VisionOffering?

All you have to do is register an account here at VisionOffering, and then select any of the items (we call them pledges) you’re interested in. For example, if you want 10 normal Booster Packs, select the Normal Booster Pack pledge, set the amount to 10, and follow the instructions to connect your wallet and pay.

I don’t see any NFT in my wallet but I did purchase! Where are they?

This is a presale, everybody will receive directly in their VisionOffering profile the possibility to claim their NFTs after the NFT Generation Event scheduled for January 2024.

Am I able to track my purchases?

Sure, on your VisionOffering profile you can see all the purchases you’ve made.

I have an issue, how do I contact support?

You can reach out to us at

Normal Booster Pack

1x Normal Booster Pack

Limited to 10,000 only
Contains 5 Cards of any Rarity!

50 VPoints
Rare Booster Pack

1x Rare Booster Pack

Limited to 5,000 only
Contains 1 guaranteed Rare Card!

Super Rare Booster Pack

1x Super Rare Booster Pack

Limited to 500 only
Contains 1 guaranteed Super Rare!

1,668 VISION
Ultra Rare Booster Pack

1x Ultra Rare Booster Pack

Limited to 100 only
Contains 1 guaranteed Ultra Rare!

8,348 VISION
Gold Rare Booster Pack

1x Gold Rare Booster Pack

Limited to 50 only
Contains 1 guaranteed GOLD Rare!

16,698 VISION
Platinum Rare Booster Pack

1x Platinum Rare Booster Pack

Limited to 10 only
Contains 1 guaranteed PLATINUM Rare!

83,498 VISION
Unique Rare Booster Pack

1x Unique Rare Booster Pack

Limited to 5 only
Contains 1 guaranteed UNIQUE Rare!

333,983 VISION
3 for 2 Official Decks

3 Official Decks for the price of 2

It’s a whole free Deck!

1,000 VPoints
Physical Version + 4th Deck

Physical Version + 4th Deck

The truth is CryptoShowdown plays just fine as a normal card game, so why not? As an added bonus, a 4th Deck containing very special cards will be available only in bundle with the Physical Version of CryptoShowdown, so this is your only chance to get your hands on this extremely special perk!

100 USDT
3,500 VPoints