Aethir Nodes

Aethir Nodes

Aethir Checker Nodes are coming to VisionOffering! 162 Nodes for our most loyal users. Join and learn more on how Aethir is changing the AI and Gaming field.


Dear Visionaries!

We’re proud to welcome Aethir, a leader in decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure, fulfilling the increasing demands of AI and gaming, on VisionOffering with their Node Sale!

VisionOffering has got 162 Aethir Nodes for our community, ranging from their Tier 5 to Tier 16, for an average price of $1440.

Given the limited amount of Aethir Nodes available, this sale is limited to VisionNode holders, with up to max 1 Aethir Node per 1 Vision Node owned.

The sale is not First Come First Serve, but we have different Pledges depending on the amount of VPoints spent alongside the purchase.

Each pledge tier lowers the amount of VPoints required, but it also determines the priority at which the Aethir Nodes are allocated.

The first Pledge requires 50,000 VPoints, the second Pledge 30,000 VPoints, the third Pledge 15,000 VPoints, and the last Pledge 7,500 VPoints.

At the end of the sale, the Aethir Nodes are allocated starting from the first pledge, going down. In case the amount of people in a Pledge exceed the remaining Aethir Nodes allocation, we will proceed with a lottery system (using an onchain solution powered by Chainlink VRF).

For example, if 20 people pledges on the 50,000 VPoints pledge, and 200 on the 30,000 pledge, all the other pledges are automatically excluded. The 20 people on the first pledge all receive an Aethir Node. The remaining 142 Aethir Nodes will be randomly assigned through the lottery by picking out of the 200 people on the second pledge.

Anybody that doesn’t get an Aethir Node, will see both USDT and VPoints fully reimbursed within 24 hours from the end of the sale.

If any Aethir Node is still available after this process, we will open the round to all VisionNode holders without the need for VPoints.

One Last Extremely Important Detail, KYC requirements.

Aethir won’t allow for the rewards of their node to be claimed by US citizens and UN sanctioned users. To that end, we invite those users to not participate in the sale. We will require KYC to be able to claim the Aethir Node once available. In case the KYC is not passed for one of the reasons above (US citizen or UN sanctioned), the USDT and VPoints will be refunded, and the pledge cancelled. More information about the KYC process on our platform will be provided soon.

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How can I participate in the sale?

Only VisionNode holders can participate in the sale, with at least 7,500 VPoints. To learn more about VisionNode and VPoints, head here: VisionNode

On which chain network does the sale take place?

You will need USDT on the BSC network, as well as some BNB for the gas fees of the transaction. The Aethir Node will be an ERC721 NFT on the Arbitrum network.

What happens in case of the number of people pledging is more than the available Aethir Nodes?

Priority is given based on the amount of VPoints spent. In case there are more people than Aethir Nodes for any particular Priority Tier, we will run an onchain lottery among the participants of that Priority Tier.

What happens if I pledged but didn’t get an Aethir Node?

Within 24h from when the sale closes, whoever hasn’t got an Aethir Node will receive a full refund of both their USDT and VPoints.

Is there a refund policy for this sale?

No, this sale doesn't have a refund policy. If you Pledge and get an Aethir Node, you’re not eligible to any refund.

Is KYC required for this sale?

Yes, US citizens and UN sanctioned people can’t claim the rewards that the Aethir Node provides. Therefore, we will require KYC to receive the Aethir Node. In case the KYC isn’t passed due to the reasons above, we will refund the USDT and the VPoints, and the pledge will be cancelled. More information about the KYC process on VisionOffering will be available soon.

FCFS round

The 26 remaining Aethir Nodes, up for grab by Platinum Tier users in a FCFS round.

1,440 USDT
Sold: 26 / 26 (100%)
1st Priority

This pledge is given 1st priority for the Aethir Nodes allocation.
It requires 1440 USDT + 50,000 VPoints.

1,440 USDT +50,000 VPoints
Sold: 7 / 500 (1.4%)
2nd Priority

This pledge is given 2nd priority for the Aethir Nodes allocation.
It requires 1440 USDT + 30,000 VPoints.

1,440 USDT +30,000 VPoints
Sold: 17 / 500 (3.4%)
3rd Priority

This pledge is given 3rd priority for the Aethir Nodes allocation.
It requires 1440 USDT + 15,000 VPoints.

1,440 USDT +15,000 VPoints
Sold: 50 / 500 (10%)
4rd Priority

This pledge is given 4th priority for the Aethir Nodes allocation.
It requires 1440 USDT + 7,500 VPoints.

1,440 USDT +7,500 VPoints
Sold: 62 / 500 (12.4%)